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Evaluate the results of your Channel Sales Network

A turnkey solution to assess the performance of your Channel Sales Network

Analyze the real data of your strategic partners commercial actions


DIAG PAD gives you a complete diagnosis of your Channel Sales Network

DIAG PAD analyzes your current performance and highlights areas for improvement in your Channel Sales strategy

DIAG PAD builds your Channel Sales priority action plan

DIAG PAD allows your teams to identify the priority actions to be taken to implement the indirect strategy of your company the right way

DIAG PAD aligns your teams with a clear vision of Indirect Selling

DIAG PAD unites your team around a collaborative assessment and a shared vision of ways to improve your Channel Sales Network


PAD's support has greatly contributed to the achievement of these results thanks to the contribution of a structuring methodology.

François DAURES, VP Alliance & Channel Sales


DIAG PAD Solution Key Benefits

A diagnosis of all the components of your Channel Sales Network and a methodology to structure a shared vision of ways to improve


Global Strategy

Measure the match between your company ambitions and the actual resources involved


Partner Performance

Evaluate the adequacy of your offers with the expectations of your partners


Pricing & Contracts

Assess the efficiency of the commercial and financial conditions of your Partner Programs


Management Tools

Measure the performance of your Channel Managers tools to effectively manage your business partners network



Evaluate the performance of the sales, marketing and technical teams in charge of partner support


Sales Funnel

Assess the lead assignment generation strategy in your sales pipeline to determine actions to improve your sales



Measure the quality of integrations delivered by your partners

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