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Optimize the development of your Channel Sales Network

A complete catalog of workshops that helps you growing your Channel Sales Network

Boost the commercial performance of your Channel Sales Network


OPTI PAD Boosts the performance of your Partners Network

OPTI PAD quickly optimizes the strategic components of your Channel Sales Network thanks to a proven methodology and commercial partnership experts

OPTI PAD supports the efforts of your Sales Teams

OPTI PAD produces deliverables for your teams and defines priority tasks to optimize your partnership strategy

OPTI PAD offers workshops adapted to your teams schedule

OPTI PAD allows you to improve the performance of your network of partners thanks to a catalog of thematic workshops adapted to your teams busy schedule


PAD's support has greatly contributed to the achievement of these results thanks to the contribution of a structuring methodology.

François DAURES, VP Alliance & Channel Sales


The OPTI PAD Workshops

A catalog of workshops covering all the components of Indirect Selling to optimize the performances of your Channel Sales Network



Build an action plan to improve the recruitment performance of new business partners



Ensure the loyalty and development of your actual network of business partners


Convergence Survey

Ensure strategic convergence with your partners in order to strengthen their commercial commitment and marketing efforts


Partner Business Plan

Build a custom-tailored business plan that defines commercial relationship with each strategic partner


Partner Profitability

Calculate profitability for your partners through the sale of your solution and offers


Value Proposition

Allow your teams to participate in the building and formalization of your Value Proposition


Direct Sales

Give your direct sales force the skills and best practices to facilitate relationships and develop sales with your business partners



Provide a global vision to understand the challenges of Indirect Selling and the keys to success in setting up a profitable Channel Sales Network

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