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Assess the impacts of Channel Sales for your business

A turnkey solution that helps you make the right decision for your business

Evaluate the opportunity to launch your Channel Sales Network


With GO PAD, understand the challenges of Channel Sales

GO PAD assesses your level of maturity in front of prorietary indicators and gives you the operational keys to make the right decision to launch or not your Channel Sales Network

GO PAD simulates Channel Sales impacts for your business

PAD estimates the business, organizational and budgetary impacts of Indirect Selling for your company over a 36 months horizon

GO PAD engages your company and your sales team on Channel Sales

GO PAD allows your teams to share a common vision of indirect sales and have a clear vision of its challenges and benefits


PAD's support has greatly contributed to the achievement of these results thanks to the contribution of a structuring methodology.

François DAURES, VP Alliance & Channel Sales


The GO PAD solution key benefits

A full methodology to assess the opportunity to launch your Channel Sales Network


Business Impact

A clear assessment of the impact of Channel Sales on your offer, your organization, your resources and your budget


Business Opportunities

An assessment of the growth of your revenues generated by Indirect Selling


Fast Track

A day to obtain an operational vision of the challenges of Indirect Selling


Shared Vision

A vision shared by all departments of the company



A pragmatic analysis of your maturity to make an informed decision on the implementation of Indirect Selling

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